World Wide Wrap 2016

Sydney kicks off World Wide Wrap 2016.

We had a wonderful time putting on tefillin, davvening, learning, and enjoying the delicious bagels at breakfast afterwards. Y'yasher Kochachem to all who particpated in this amazing experience.

Pictures have been posted on our Facebook page, please click here to see them.


Summer timetable


• Friday 5 February, 6:15pm in the Main Sanctuary (Carlebach)
• Saturday 6 February, 9am in the Neuweg Sanctuary (Masorti)
• Saturday 6 February, 10am in the Main Sanctuary (Progressive)

 Shabbat Live will resume from Friday 12 February, 6:15pm.


• Monday and Thursday Morning Minyan will resume from Monday 1 February, 6:45am


• Monday morning class resumed on Monday 11 January, 10am
• Monday evening class resumed on Monday 1 February, 6pm

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