Health Matters

An opportunity to share shabbat together with other families and to connect with each other

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health matters

Experts in conversation with our rabbis about everything related to our health: mind, body and spirit.

An opportunity to hear all the most up-to date health information from leaders in their fields in an intimate environment, with plenty of time for your questions to be answered. 

Health Matters

“Family Germ Bubble” – the importance of Social Distancing

Health Matters

Dr Paul Hamor – COVID: The view from inside a hospital

Health Matters

Life Interrupted: Balancing Covid-19 Risks with the fullness of living

Health Matters

Dr Ginni Mansberg – M is for Menopause

See the calendar for dates and details of future Health Matters events

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Sarah Vasin

Lifecycles Coordinator / Executive Assistant / Hon. Secretary of the Board (02) 9389 6444

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