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We have a special group called Jewnatal for expecting couples, regardless of whether this is your first, second or more child. Join Rabbi Kaiserblueth for a series of informal sessions designed as preparation for birth in a Jewish context.

This is also a wonderful opportunity to meet others about to welcome a new bundle of joy. Sessions are held every month in a private home.

This is a program for those expecting a baby in their lives, whether through birth or adoption, and whether the 1st or 5th!

The concept is to foster/build relationships with people going through the same life stage that will carry forward after the class has concluded.

The program consists of 4 sessions:


Ready or Knot: Pre-Wedding Class

ready or knot

We are excited to celebrate your marriage with you, no matter what your gender.

The rituals of the marriage ceremony will give you the opportunity to enter into this new phase of your life with a sense of kedushah, dedicated purpose, both physical and spiritual.

This ceremony signifies a choice you both are making, to sanctify each other and your relationship in the presence of family, community and God.


Conversion Learning: Darkeinu

darken: introduction to judaism

Conversion to Judaism at Emanuel

Emanuel Synagogue welcomes all those who wish to explore what it means to live as a Jew – learning about our faith, vision and values; our spiritual practices, history, culture, traditions, values, festivals, connection with the land of Israel, and the Hebrew language.

We call our learning program Darkeinu.

Please contact Rabbi Kaiserblueth for further information.

Registration (TBC)
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Rafi Kaiserblueth

Rabbi (02) 9389 6444

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