Throughout our history, Emanuel Synagogue has relied on the generosity of its members to support growth and development. We encourage you to remember Emanuel Synagogue in your Will as a way to ensure your values are inextricably linked to future generations.

When you name Emanuel Synagogue as a beneficiary of your estate, you express your commitment to our community and provide essential support for the congregation beyond your lifetime.

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L’dor v dor | “From generation to generation”

Your Will enables you to determine exactly how your Estate will help the individuals and organisations that are important to you.  It also provides the way for you enshrine your name and the memory of your loved ones for generations to come.

When planning to make a bequest, some people involve their family or friends closely  in their thoughts and decisions whereas others insist that their final gift is treated as strictly private and confidential.

When making a gift to an organisation some people ask that their bequest is treated quietly and with little or no ceremony while others ask that they, their beloved parents, spouse or other family member are honoured with the naming of a room or other part of the Synagogue in blessed memory.

Perhaps most importantly, each person wants to be sure that their wishes will be honoured.

In the twenty first century the synagogue still remains the cornerstone of the Jewish community and Jewish identity and Emanuel Synagogue’s reputation for welcoming and caring for people seeking to express and celebrate their Judaism continues to grow. In order to continue this work of ensuring the well-being of current and future generations we need your help and support.

You can also be assured that, whatever your wishes, they will be honoured and protected by Emanuel Synagogue in its work to ensure Jewish community and Jewish continuity.

A gift in a Will provides a way for you to make a lasting contribution, while still enjoying your assets during your lifetime. Gifts in Wills can be tailored to reflect the particular interests and objectives of the donor and are a central component of a program of long-term endowment.

Anyone – the whole community, can participate and ensure that the quality of the services we provide are maintained at the highest levels. You may specify a gift to Emanuel Synagogue by way of the following: a fixed sum, a percentage of your whole estate, income from your estate, the residue of your estate (monies remaining after providing for other beneficiaries), a specific asset, such as real estate, shares, bonds, life insurance policy or other items of value.

A bequest can be used for the general benefit of the congregation or dedicated to a specific project, such as:

  • Endowing a Chair of learning that will enable our rabbis and professional staff to provide improved services and programmes for our community
  • Assisting with the education of children through our Kef Kids, Bnei Mitzvah or Adva programmes
  • Improving security in order to protect the synagogue and those who use it
  • Enhancing our cultural offerings of music and art
  • Providing space for additional cultural and social activities for younger members of the congregation, including the Netzer Youth movement
  • Funding programmes and activities that promote Progressive, Masorti or Renewal Judaism.

These are just some of the projects that can be dedicated to a loved one or named in your honour.

Please contact our office on (02) 9389 6444 should you have any questions about the different options for your bequest.

It is never too early to include Emanuel Synagogue in your Will.

We hope that you will consider the impact of your legacy on future generations, and the benefits you can provide to the community.

Before leaving a gift in your Will to Emanuel Synagogue, we recommend that you involve your family in your decision and that you seek the advice of your solicitor. Making a gift this way does not always entail rewriting your Will. A simple codicil (an addition or supplement to your Will) provides an easy option for this special gift.

It is easy to become a permanent part of Emanuel Synagogue by honouring the tradition of caring for your community.  Just ask your solicitor or trustee to include the Synagogue in your Will or complete this section and return it to us.

Should you wish that the Synagogue act as executor of your will, this can be arranged through one of the many lawyers who are also members and have offered their help.

Together we can ensure that our children and grandchildren will have the same firm commitment to Judaism that our ancestors did before us.

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