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Passover is the festival of freedom

If Passover is the Festival of Freedom, why are there so many rules and restrictions related to it? We don’t eat bread for 8 days and the Hebrew word used for the first nights of Passover is “seder” which literally means “order”! The answer: Structure and discipline act as a containers for our freedom. Setting […]

Shemini; approaching the Divine

This week’s Torah portion, Shemini is from the book of Leviticus and deals with a very strange and tragic incident: Nadav and Avihu, Aaron’s two oldest sons, while laying incense on fire that they brought to the alter were consumed by that fire. The Torah does not give us any reason for the unexpected death […]

Tazriah Metzorah 2023

This week we read a double portion in our Torah: Tazriah and Metzorah which deals with plagues and afflictions which infect people, houses and objects. When the disease is located, the person or object is separated from the community, the house closed up, until the disease has passed and the infection is cured.  Even though […]