Kef Kids

Kef Kids (children’s learning) weekly education program for Jewish children in school years K-6

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Children Learning

Kef Kids is Emanuel Synagogue’s education program for Jewish children in school years K-6.

Kef Kids offers students a weekly opportunity for community and learning from the beginning of school until the beginning of the preparation for their bar/bat mitzvah.

Kef Kids aims to provide a welcoming and dynamic social environment in which children can be confident, creative and curious. Educators use games, storytelling, arts and crafts, music, drama and more to explore the wide Jewish world together.


The Kef Kids curriculum was developed by Emanuel Synagogue and the Board of Progressive Education (BPJE). We explore a variety of topics including Jewish festivals, rituals, beliefs, stories, and language in order to foster a growing understanding of Judaism.


Kef Kids takes place on-campus from 4pm-5.30pm on Thursday afternoons during terms.

To learn more about Kef Kids or request a registration form, please contact Chloe, Emanuel Synagogue’s Head of Youth Education.

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Rabbi Rafi Kaiserblueth

Youth Education (02) 9389 6444