Progressive, Zionist Youth Movement, which aims to inspire and educate the youth of our community.

We are a nonprofit organisation run by skilled volunteer madrichim (leaders) of university age who have completed intensive leadership training and education.

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Netzer runs incredible camps in the Summer and Winter holidays, and you can also find us most fortnights here at Emanuel Synagogue. Our activities are for children and young people from year 3 to 12, as well as school graduate opportunities including the Shnat Netzer gap year program.

Who are Netzer?

The word ‘נצר – Netzer’ is an acronym for “נוער ציוני רפורמי – No’ar Tzioni Reformi” – Progressive, Zionist, Youth.

These are the foundations of Netzer’s Ideology: Progressive Judaism, Reform Zionism, and Youth engagement.

Netzer uses informal education to run a variety of activities that are both fun and intellectually challenging. We aim to empower the youth and encourage them to be active participants of the Progressive community.

Netzer is a world-wide movement which is affiliated with the World Union for Progressive Judaism and has branches (sniffim) in fourteen countries.

Netzer Australia has been providing positive and vibrant Jewish experiences for our community and its youth for 40 years. Through Netzer, our participants engage with their Jewish identity, making lifelong friends and becoming leaders of our community.

What activities do we run?

Netzer uses informal education to run both fun and intellectually challenging peulot (programs) for children and youth in years 3 and 12. This includes:

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If you or your child would like to get involved, please contact Noah.

0490 487 815

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Rabbi Rafi Kaiserblueth

Youth Education (02) 9389 6444

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