Yesod Yesod is a weekly education program for Jewish children aged 11-15, including those preparing for their bar/bat mitzvah.

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Yesod, meaning “foundation” in Hebrew, is designed to give students a holistic, nuanced Jewish education, building the foundation for a rich Jewish life. The program will enrich a child’s bar/bat mitzvah preparations, and also provides an opportunity for older children to socialise and build community at our synagogue. We aim to meet children at their current level of Jewish knowledge and experience, and empower them to explore interesting ideas and ask lots of questions. 


Yesod’s curriculum was developed by Emanuel Synagogue and the Board of Progressive Jewish Education (BPJE). We explore a variety of topics including Jewish festivals, rituals, beliefs, stories, and language in order to foster a strong understanding of Judaism. 

Program structure

Yesod enrolment is open at the beginning of each term. Students who are learning in the lead up to their bar/bat mitzvah are expected to complete four term.

Classes run on-campus once a week during school terms, on Monday afternoons.

We also have an online learning program for those who are unable to attend the Monday afternoon classes.

To learn more about Yesod get in touch with Chloe, Emanuel’s Head of Youth Education.

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Chloe Murphy

Head of Youth Education (02) 9389 6444

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