Emanuel Synagogue

Clergy Thought for the Day

Click on the link below to watch a thought for the day from our clergy

Rabbi Jeffrey Kamins – Thoughts on a special day

Rabbi Jacqueline Ninio – Spreading the Love

Reverend Sam Zwarenstein – The Malfunctioning Mirror

Rabbi Dr Orna Triguboff – Stress Management in the Torah

Rabbi Jacqueline Ninio – the Blessing and Holiness in Our Lives

Rabbi Rafi Kaiserblueth – Parashat Vayikra

Reverend Sam Zwarenstein  – The Cousin of FOMO

Rabbi Rafi Kaiserblueth – Keep the Fire Burning

Rabbi Dr Orna Triguboff – The Four Angels – meditation

Rabbi Rafi Kaiserblueth – Parasha Vayakhel – Maintaining Connections

Reverend Sam Zwarenstein – Portrait of the King

Rabbi Jacqueline Ninio – Appreciating the World Around Us

Rabbi Jeffrey Kamins – We Will All Go Together

Rabbi Jacqueline Ninio – The Water Carrier

Reverend Sam Zwarenstein – Lessons from a Chef

Rabbi Jeffrey Kamins – Finding Wholeness on Pesach

Rabbi Rafi Kaiserblueth – Ma Nishtana

Rabbi Cantor George Mordecai – The Search for the Chametz within

Rabbi Jeffrey Kamins – Imagining our Brightest Future

Rabbi Rafi Kaiserblueth – Close to Angels

Rabbi Jacqueline Ninio – Making the World a Better Place

Rabbi Cantor George Mordecai – Shiviti Havayah

Rabbi Rafi Kaiserblueth – The significance of Yom Hazikaron

Rabbi Cantor George Mordecai – Song for Yom Ha’atzmaut

Rabbi Jacqueline Ninio – The Power of a Smile

Rev Sam Zwarenstein – Into Iyar

Rabbi Jeffrey Kamins – COVIDSafe app – For the good of the community

Rabbi Jacqueline Ninio – Who is Rich?

Rabbi Jeffrey Kamins – The Gift of Torah

Rabbi Dr Orna Triguboff – The Principle of Yesod

Rabbi Cantor George Mordecai – The Good In Omer

Rabbi Rafi Kaiserblueth – Learning and fresh paper

Rabbi Jacqueline Ninio – Silence is Golden

Reverend Sam Zwarenstein – Learning about Learning

Rabbi Dr Orna Triguboff – Holy Chutzpah

Rabbi Jeffrey Kamins – Sharing Torah Values