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Conversations about Israel – Every Monday morning between 10:00am and 11:30am Rabbi Jeffrey Kamins together with guest speakers examines contemporary issues impacting the Jewish homeland. 

Following is an audio recording of a recent session: 

Monday 19 August, 2020

JNF Fundraising Shaliach, Yossi Eshed presents “Does world Jewry still need to support Israel? Is fundraising for Israel still relevant today?”.
Born in Israel in 1967, Yossi grew up in Kibbutz Nachsolim, was a youth guide (madrich) and then joined the army and served as an officer in the Paratroopers Unit (1985-1989).
In the last 30 years Yossi had senior positions as Editor In Chief and then Marketing Director in Ha’aretz Group (1990-2004); Director of the Young Drivers’ Division in Or Yarok Road Safety NGO (2004-2008); The Jewish Agency’s Aliyah and Habonim Dror Shaliach in South Africa (2008-2011).


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