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Conversations About Israel

A wide-ranging conversation about the land and people of Israel (wherever we may be found) addressing society, culture and other issues of concern.

Every Monday morning from 10:00 am.

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Conversation about Israel returns on 20th September 10:00am via Zoom Meeting 

Happy first birthday to the Abraham Accords

One year ago in our presentation to this forum we described the Accord as a “Seismic shift in the Shtetl”. Today we propose to evaluate our predictions and make fresh forecasts of potential outcomes in light of this month’s chaotic changes in the zeitgeist of Middle Eastern geopolitics.

Our guest speakers: Peter Gacs and Ian Mansell

Peter Gacs is a retired diplomat with extensive experience in international affairs. His focus has included Russia, Western Europe, and also the Balkans during the Bosnian and Kosovan wars. He also had a posting to Argentina during the Falklands crisis.

Ian Mansell was born in North England in 1943 and came to Australia in 1952. Ian has many qualifications from business to yoga. He established his own Broking Business in 1967 which became part of a UK based PLC in the 1980s, owned the Sydney Yoga Centre and carried out Teacher training for seven years, and worked as a part-time journalist as well. . He has been involved in Jewish communal activities as a Habonim Madrich, President North Shore Synagogue Youth, and a member of the Jewish Junior Board of Deputies as well as a member of Emanuel Synagogue for many years.

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