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Daily Services

Morning Minyan

A meaningful way to begin the day in an inclusive, egalitarian community with a traditional prayer service.

The morning minyan provides an opportunity to welcome the day with prayer, and a chance for mourners to recite kaddish. 

Our daily service is on Zoom, Monday through Friday mornings.

Additionally, we come together in person at the synagogue every Thursday morning at 7:30 am, enabling us to read the words of Torah and pray the service in its entirety.

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Erev Shabbat

Masorti Shabbat Service

If you are looking for a warm, engaging and traditional service that is inclusive and egalitarian then you have found Sydney’s only offering, and we look forward to seeing you soon.

The prayers are conducted in Hebrew and are led by the rabbis and knowledgeable lay leaders. It is a participatory service with everyone encouraged to join in the singing of the prayers.

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Shabbat Live Service

A spiritual, innovative service where our prayers are enhanced with musical instruments, contemporary and ancient melodies, poetry and stories.

Gathered together with the community in prayer and song, we lift one another beyond the cares and pressures of the week to the sanctuary of sacred time: Shabbat.

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Shabbat Morning

Shabbat morning is the perfect time to enjoy community in prayer.  We have two different styles of worship, both of which provide opportunities to relax and absorb the spirit of Shabbat, to learn and glean meaning from the Torah.

After services, stay and enjoy a light meal and time to catch up with friends, old and new. 

Masorti Shabbat Service

Our Masorti service provides full participation for each and every person who enjoys the depth of the Hebrew prayer, the ability to sit in silence as the words wash over, or to sing along with the community. 

Our Masorti is traditional, in that it is the full service in which the prayers are chanted and sung in Hebrew, along with theTorah and Haftarah readings; egalitarian in the equal participation of all; meaningful in its sermons; and nourishing all throughout and in its kiddush afterward. 

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Progressive Shabbat Service

Our Progressive service is a participatory musical service which combines prayers in both Hebrew and English, together with creative readings and interpretations of the traditional text.

Music enhances our prayers, either led by our cantor, Rabbi George Mordecai accompanied by guitar or our Emanuel Quartet, an acapella musical ensemble.

The rabbi offers a teaching either in the form of a discussion about the portion or a more formal d’var Torah (sermon).

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Children's Shabbat Service

We engage children in the spirit of Shabbat through song, dance, and story in regular services for Shabbat and Festivals.

Our talented and joyous youth leaders delight and inspire children and parents to join in meaningful prayer inspiring a love of Judaism.

This weekly service provides a space for the children to begin to learn basic elements of the synagogue service. Parents are welcome to sit with them although this will provide a place where their children will be looked after for about an hour on Saturday mornings.

The service is helped by lay leaders, parents and youth leaders. There are activities and a short service.This enables parents to come to synagogue, to be a part of the service there, while their children are welcomed and part of the service.

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