Legal and Illegal Drugs

Dr Alex Wodak - Legal and Illegal Drugs

Why does almost every Australian family have a member with a serious drug problem?


Dr Alex Wodak AM is a (now retired) physician who has worked in the alcohol and drug field for decades. He is the President of the Australia Drug Law Reform Foundation, a Director of Australia21 and a Director of the Australian Tobacco Harm Reduction Association. 

Dr Alex Wodak

Dr Wodak is one of the nation’s preeminent drug law reformists. In the mid-1980s, the doctor was the instigator of the nationwide roll out of needle and syringe programs, which prevented a major HIV outbreak, stabilised hepatitis C rates and saved countless lives.

Today, Dr Wodak is a leading voice in the call to implement pill testing services around the country, which is a move the NSW government continues to refuse to permit in the face of the overwhelming evidence.

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