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Emanuel Synagogue, Plus61J and Mazon host a screening of acclaimed documentary ‘Breaking Bread’

Wednesday, 23 June, 2021 • 13 Tammuz 5781

Emanuel Synagogue together with Plus61J and Mazon are hosting a screening of Breaking Bread, plus a post-screening cooking demonstration with acclaimed Chef Michael Rantissi on Wednesday 23 June.

In a film which SBS Australia said was “feel good – and extremely appetizing…A mouth-watering film”, Breaking Bread shows how Dr. Nof Atamna-Ismaeel is on a quest to make social change through food. Breaking Bread is a film about hope, synergy and mouth-watering fare. It’s a film that illustrates what happens when people focus on the person, rather than their religion; on the public, rather than the politicians.

In what promises to be a nourishing evening from every perspective, you will be able to enjoy a film, a nosh, learn something new and make a positive social impact all in the one event.



Health Matters will be hosted by Rabbi Jacqueline Ninio together with Professor Mary-Louise McLaws as they discuss and unpack “Covid 19 Vaccinations - it is a Race!"

Sunday, 27 June, 2021 • 17 Tammuz 5781

Mary-Louise Mclaws is Professor of Epidemiology, Hospital Infection and Infectious Diseases Control.

She is a member of the World Health Organization health Emergencies Program Experts Advisory Panel for Infection Prevention and Control, Preparedness, Readiness and Response to COVID-19.

She reviewed the response to SARS 2003 outbreak in Beijing and the Hong Kong SARS designated Hospital. Mary-Lou is a long-time member of the Synagogue.



In Conversation with Jean Kittson

Sunday, 04 July, 2021 • 24Tammuz 5781

In this conversation Jean talks with Rabbi Jaqueline Ninio and shares some of her own family’s experiences, and talks us through the complex aged care system in Australia. Together Rabbi Ninio and Jean consider how we might re-frame the way we think about caring for our elderly parents.



JBaby - weekly group for parents of 0-2 years

Every Friday from 9:00am to 10:30am
for parents of 0-2 year old and their babies
This year we are introducing a new weekly group for parents and their babies. Enjoy socialising, entertainment and refreshments with activities for children.