Israel, Jews & the Middle East Through Film

Plus61J together with Emanuel Synagogue present

Israel, Jews & the Middle East through Film

Join us each month for a fascinating festival of film followed by engaging discussion.

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Films will be presented by Dr Shahar Burla


Dr Burla holds a Master's degree in Political Science from the Hebrew University and a PhD from Bar-Ilan University. His book "Political Imagination in the Diaspora: The Construction of a Pro-Israeli Narrative " was published in 2013 and he is the co-editor of the forthcoming book "Australia and Israel: A diasporic, political and cultural relationship" (Sussex Academic Press, 2015).




Dr Shahar Burla

Coffee and cake will be provided.

12th September      7:00pm for 7:15pm

The Sabra and the Shoah – The end of the dream?  

Walk on Water (2005, 104 minutes)

Eyal is an agent in Mossad, the Israeli security service and the agency decides that he needs to take on a less challenging assignment: to find an aging Nazi war criminal and get him "before God does".  

10th October   7:00pm for 7:15pm    


2. The Holocaust in Israeli Cinema and culture
The Flat (2012, 97 minutes)
At age 98, director Goldfinger's grandmother passed away, leaving him the task of clearing out the Tel Aviv flat that she and her husband shared for decades since immigrating from Nazi Germany in the 1930s. What starts to take shape reflects nothing less than the troubled and taboo story of three generations of Germans - both Jewish and non-Jewish - trying to piece together the puzzle of their lives in the aftermath of the terrible events of World War II.

14th November, 7:00pm for 7:15pm

3. Mizrahi Immigration to Israel
Baba Joon (2015, 91 minutes)
The first ever Persian-language film shot in Israel, “Baba Joon,” Israel’s Best Foreign Film submission to the Academy Awards and the winner of five Israeli “Oscars,” is a universal story about intergenerational conflict. The film tells the story of Yitzhak, a Jewish-Iranian immigrant who ekes out a living on a turkey farm in Israel’s Negev desert. 

12th December 7:00pm for 7:15pm

Gotta be Happy” – Yiddish humor in America

The Komediant   (2004, 85 Minutes)

Wistful and melancholy recollections of Yiddish theatre are conveyed in this documentary, which centers on the story of the Burstein family. 

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