Emanuel Synagogue

Barbara’s Story

At this time of celebration and remembrance I am haunted by the special music that touches my soul. The voices of the many different Cantors and Rabbis from my past and present, with their old and new tunes. The sound of Cantor Michael Deutsch echoing the voice of my grandfather. Other memories which generate joyful tears that come from  hearing Rabbi Robuck and his son Aaron chanting Modim Anachnu Lach by Cantor Robbie Solomon. As well, the choirs of volunteers and professionals bringing such ruach to the services and helping my spirit to soar alongside their music. I thank them for creating such special memories, and look forward to a time when we can create music again, together, with our Rabbis and Rabbi Cantor George Mordecai.

Martin and Sharon’s Story

Hi, this is a photo of the grevillea that Martin planted. It brings us great joy in lockdown watching the lorikeets and Indian mynas share the nectar in the yellow flowers. I sit below & try to draw the tree spread out like a tarpaulin laden with blooms. Shana Tovah to you all. Sharon

Jane’s Story

I love the pure joy of Rosh Hashana and the shofar’s ancient sound. Maybe I can be kinder next year.  I will learn from authors like Thomas Mayor whose book, ‘Finding the Heart of the Nation’, ambushed that passive sense of entitlement I brought here 33 years ago. ‘Dear Son’ will also sting but my understanding will continue to grow. I feel truly grateful.

Sergio and Olivia’s Story

Shalom! We love Rosh Hashanah because it’s the time for self reflection, time for tzedakah, time for celebration and hope of sweet and bountiful new year! Shana Tovah U’metukah! From the Polonskys, Sergio & Olivia

Susan’s Story

Every year I get ready for the Yamim Noraim by doing my best to clean and tidy what’s in my house and what’s in my head and my heart. Then I’m ready to celebrate with my family and my community. This year the celebration will happen via the internet, but it will be just as precious as other years as we all do our best to stay connected.

Brigitte and Bobs’s Story

We send our warmest wishes to the clergy, staff, their families and all our friends in the Emanuel community for mazel, good health, and happiness in the coming year. 
We are looking forward to the day when we can again celebrate the start of a new year in your company.
In the meanwhile, stay safe and l’shanah Tovah!
Brigitte and Bob

Annie’s Story

I love the way we feel sheltered by the Emanuel Community even when locked away from each other.

I am looking forward, of course,  to all the possibilities of many future celebrations together.

I remember Hamentaschen Baking just before we went into lockdown 2020 – we were trying to encourage people to observe social distancing and not handle cooked pastries but everyone got excited and there was the usual grabbing and stuffing of faces with barely cool Hamentaschen …Ahhh good times!!! (you won’t be able to use this but keep it as a record for posterity…)

Every year I thank Hashem that I belong to this community.

Warm wishes for a sweet New Year.

Annie Kingsbury

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