Enjoy meeting some of our incredible community

Our congregational family is made up of thousands of stories. Hear about their memories of the Yamim Nora’im, what they are looking forward to in the year ahead, and their special traditions.

Share Your Story

If you, along or with your family, friends, pets, would send us a short video (no more than 30 seconds) or a photo with a written message, finishing one of the sentences below, we will add it to our “Humans of Emanuel” page on our special High Holydays website.

Finish one of these sentences as it relates to Rosh Hashana or Yom Kippur:

I love…
I am looking forward to…
I remember…
Every year I…

Share Your Story –
How to Submit your Video

Here is our short guide below on the best way to film on your phone, tips to make you look fabulous, and the way to send us your video!

  1. Choose a nice background 
  2. Try to do it in a quiet area
  3. Make sure you are well lit from the front, using natural light where possible
  4. Make sure we can see you clearly without cutting off the top of your head
  5. Shoot the camera horizontally, using the rear camera on the phone, try and avoid using the ‘selfie’ camera
  6. It always helps to have a friend or family member to help!
  7. Make sure your face is centred in the frame, without ‘chopping’ off the top of your head. Stand nice and close to the camera, but not too close!
  8. Make sure you are in focus, have someone tap on the screen where you standing in the shot
  9. Important! Clean you camera lens. You can use isopropyl or methylated spirits

Please follow these steps to send your video:

  • On your phone go to www.wetransfer.com/upload
  • Click on the blue + button
  • Navigate to find the video you wish to send
  • Message: Add your name & the title for your video
  • Select: ‘Send an email’
  • Email to: oliver@rolicreative.com
  • Add your email
  • You will have to verify your email, enter the verification code sent to your email
  • Hit Send and you are done!

Once we receive your submission, we will check the content and then upload it to our “Humans of Emanuel” section of the site. Please send your videos to oliver@rolicreative.com and your photos and written messages to marina@emanuel.org.au

Once approved, we’ll publish them on our media platform, link below.


Jane’s Story

I love the pure joy of Rosh Hashana and the shofar’s ancient sound. Maybe I can be kinder next year. I will learn from authors like Thomas Mayor whose book, ‘Finding the Heart of the Nation’, ambushed that passive sense of entitlement I brought here 33 years ago. ‘Dear Son’ will also sting but my understanding will continue to grow. I feel truly grateful.

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