Emanuel Synagogue

Humans of Emanuel

We are going to miss seeing you all in person at the Yamim Nora’im this year but we would love to see you as part of our “Humans of Emanuel” series: messages which will appear on our special High Holydays website. 

We would love you, alone or with your family or your pets, to send us a short video (no more than 30 seconds) or a photo with a written message finishing one of these sentences as it relates to Rosh Hashana or Yom Kippur in your life:

I love… 
I am looking forward to… 
I remember… 
Every year I… 

Below is a short summary of the best way to film on your phone, tips to make you look fabulous, and the way to send us your video. 

Once we receive your messages, we will check the content and then upload it to our “Humans of Emanuel” section of the site.

Please send your videos to oliver@rolicreative.com and your photos and written messages to marina@emanuel.org.au

We wish you blessings and sweetness for the year ahead.

Love from your Emanuel family