Emanuel Synagogue


We have a special group called Jewnatal for expecting couples, regardless of whether this is your first, second or more child. Join Rabbi Kaiserblueth for a series of informal sessions designed as preparation for birth in a Jewish context. This is also a wonderful opportunity to meet others about to welcome a new bundle of joy. Sessions are held every month in a private home.

This is a program for those expecting a baby in their lives, whether through birth or adoption, and whether the 1st or 5th!

The concept is to foster/build relationships with people going through the same life stage that will carry forward after the class has concluded.

The program consists of 4 sessions:

Jewish Traditions and rituals around Brit Milah, Simchat Bat, naming, and rituals to do at home with the child

The birth experience – a doula or midwife is invited to speak about the process leading up to and the birth itself and to foster a dialogue

Finance –  Financial advisors are invited to have foster a conversation regarding how you and your family will speak about, plan for, and implement the financial considerations of your new arrival

First Aid/CPR – Instructors will instruct the participants on the basics of infant first aid and CPR.


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