Kashrut at Emanuel

Emanuel Synagogue is a dairy/vegetarian/kosher fish campus. All fresh vegetables and fruit are allowed.

No meat or poultry and their derivatives (other than eggs from a kosher animal) may be cooked, consumed, or brought onto the synagogue grounds. 

Kosher fish and dairy products such as milk, cheese and yoghurt may be used in cooking and consumed on Synagogue premises, under the supervision of the Synagogue’s Mashgiach (supervising authority).

All such products must conform to the Emanuel Synagogue Kashrut Policy.

Drinks purchased for kiddushim or other functions at Emanuel Synagogue must also conform to our Kashrut Policy. A full list of approved cold drinks can be found here.

Kosher food





Emanuel Synagogue Approved Caterers

Good Food Catering 




Manfred Freinkl

0400 130 003

Tracey Freinkl

0403 130 003



Mila's Catering

Mila Rodov

0478 297 237

Minette Lee-Warden 0412 446152



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Established in 1938, Emanuel Synagogue is a pluralist community affiliated with the Masorti, Progressive and Renewal movements. We offer a variety of services, programs and activities. We welcome you to join us.

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