Emanuel Synagogue provides a range of programmes for children of all ages. In addition to the items listed below we have special activities on Festivals - consult the calendar and Bulletin for details:

Kef Kids

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Kef Kids is Emanuel Synagogue's educational program for children in years K–5.  
It is an exciting, dynamic, fun way for kids to connect with Judaism and their community, learn and form friendships with other children in the congregation.

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Kef Kids

2019 term dates

Term 1: 7th February-11th April
Term 2: 2nd May - 4th July
Term 3:  25th July – 26th September
Term 4: 17th Oct – 11th December

What is the vision for Kef Kids?

The vision of Kef Kids is to create a warm and caring environment which nurtures each student’s individual creativity and fosters a connection with Judaism. Through attendance at Kef Kids the students will acquire: a commitment to and love of Judaism and knowledge of its values, celebrations and stories.

We aim to inspire life long learning and connection with community. Through experiential education and a spiral, integrated curriculum we will instill in the Kef Kids the ability to participate comfortably and capably in synagogue services and the skills necessary for them to create a meaningful Jewish life. Success of the program depends on enthusiastic, learned, creative teachers, home/family support and commitment.

What happens at Kef Kids?

The Kef Kids program is growing and this year will be held at the same time as Bnei Mitzvah classes. Children are divided into age groups and start off with 40 minutes of Hebrew learing in streamed classes. We then come together as one Beit Midrash where students will hear a drash from the rabbi relating to the theme of  the week. The remainder of the time will be spent in a themed, educational class.

When is Kef Kids?

Thursday afternoons from 4:00 to 5:30pm. A chance to learn, have fun and celebrate Judaism together with community.

How do I join Kef Kids?

• click here to download a registration form

• Return the completed form by scanning it and sending to by email to, or by post to: 7 Ocean St Woollahra, NSW 2025.

What do I need to bring to Kef Kids?

We will have a small, healthy snack when you arrive but you may also wish to bring a vegetarian snack.

For more information, contact Daniel Samowitz -

We look forward to welcoming you to Kef Kids and having an amazing time together!

Shabbat TotRabbi Ninio and Shabbat Tot

for 2-5 year olds 
The first Friday of every month, 4:30pm - 5:30pm

A lovely way to introduce your children to Shabbat and to meet other families in the community. 

Family Fridays

First Friday of each month.

Come along to Emanuel Synagogue for a light, child-friendly dinner and then stay for services.

A great opportunity to meet other families and to celebrate Shabbat together.

Great for families at Kef Kids or Shabbat Tot.

Emanuel Woollahra Preschool

Progressive Jewish Preschool catering for 3 - 5 year olds. EWP provides a five day programme where children are prepared for formal schooling through development of skills focusing on children being confident, independent with good self esteem.

More information

Emanuel School

We are affiliated with Emanuel School that provides excellent pre-school to Year 12 education in a contemporary Jewish environment.

More information


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