Emanuel Synagogue


Emanuel Synagogue prides itself on its support for LGBTI+ rights and has taken lead in supporting marriage equality in Australia.

We believe that a core value in living Jewish life is the belief that each and every one of us was created Betzelem Elohim (in the image of God) ​and that we are all loved by God, exactly the way we are. ​

​Therefore we see the LGBTI Jewish community as an important part of our community and it’s important for us to empower them. ​

For many years, Emanuel has hosted Dayenu’s Mardi Gras Shabbat dinner, attracting hundreds of community members in the lead up to the Mardi Gras Parade.

In March 2019, Emanuel Synagogue was the main venue for the 25th World Congress Jewish LGBT+ Conference.

Emanuel Synagogue is delighted to now be able to offer same-sex marriages. For details, please call (02) 9389 6444 or email info@emanuel.org.au