Marking Moments

During our lifetimes we face many significant and important moments, some celebratory, some challenging. 

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marking moments

Our traditional lifecycle rituals do not address all of these times but it can be incredibly healing and meaningful to pause and mark them within the context of Jewish tradition.

To help bring a spiritual connection and meaning to these moments have created rituals and would love to explore ways we can help you to craft an appropriate ritual for you.

Some examples of moments we have marked are: celebrating a special birthday, retirement, completing a programme of medical treatment, giving thanks, and gender transition. We have also mourned pregnancy loss, infertility, loss of a loved one, a difficult diagnosis.

If you would like to discuss any of these matters or creating a ritual, please contact Rabbi Ninio 

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Jacki Ninio

Rabbi Jacqueline Ninio

Senior Associate Rabbi (02) 9389 6444

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