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Who are we?



Netzer Australia is a Progressive Jewish, Reform Zionist youth movement (which operates under the AZYC & UPJ) that operates throughout Australia and around the world. We aim to enrich the Jewish identities and create an engagement with Israel for the youth in our community. Through critically analysing the world around us, we strive to empower the youth, providing them with the ability to develop a meaningful Jewish identity that exists in all spheres of life, which is to be used to improve oneself, the Jewish people and the wider world. The unique atmosphere created in the movement has ensured we are one of Australia’s largest Zionist youth organisations.

The foundations of our Ideology include Progressive Judaism, Reform Zionism & Youth Engagement 

What does Netzer Mean?

The word ‘נצר – Netzer’ is an acronym for “נוער ציוני רפורמי – No’ar Tzioni Reformi” – Progressive, Zionist, Youth.

What activities do we run?



Netzer uses informal education to run both fun and intellectually challenging peulot (programs) that include:

  • Sleepovers
  • Day programs
  • Overnight sleep-away camps
  • Movie nights
  • Kabbalat Shabbat Services
  • After school activities

Who do we run activities for?


We run activities for children and youth in years 3 – 12.

How do you get in touch?


If you or your child would like to get involved, please contact Avishai

Phone: 0450 643 405 

Email: sydney@netzer.org.au

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For more information, visit the Netzer website.