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Nora’s Kitchen is Emanuel’s incredible catering team who nourish us with delicious food infused with love. The recipe book here contains some of their favourite Rosh Hashana recipes for you to bring to your table or enjoy the videos with more culinary delights.

HHD Recipe Book

Our wonderful Nora’s Kitchen in-house catering has prepared a Recipe book to bring you into this Holiday season. The great online recipe book has dozens of recipes and fun food ideas, which you can find here

Rosh Hashana culinary traditions

Rosh Hashana evening meal
We love to welcome the new year with sweetness and blessings, so we gather together with family and friends and enjoy symbolic foods and give thanks for the blessings in our lives. 

During these festival days our challot change shape and we enjoy extra sweet, round loaves symbolising the cycle of the year and life. Sultanas and Raisins are often sprinkled through the loaves to symbolise prosperity and to add even more sweetness to our new year. 

Apples Dipped in Honey
We take sweet apples and dip them in honey reciting a special blessing for fruit and for the year ahead, hoping that it will be filled with sweetness. Israel is also described as a land flowing with milk and honey, so this tradition connects us with the Holy Land and our people through the ages. 

Honey Cake, Honey Biscuits, Baklava, Honeycomb, Honey!
Keeping with the theme of honey and sweetness for the New Year, there is often an abundance of honey-based desserts and treats at this time of year.

The many seeds of the pomegranate, (according to kabbalistic tradition, 613 seeds, the same number as the commandments) represent our hope to fulfil the mitzvot and live with purpose and care in the year ahead. The pomegranate also symbolises prosperity and abundance and so are a powerful symbol of the new year.

Fish Head
A fish head is placed on the table for Rosh Hashana, (in vegetarian and vegan households a head of lettuce,) and it has a number of different meanings. The first is connected to the blessing, “may we be like the head and not the tail”, it is also the head of the year, and the fish is linked to abundance. 

Sephardi Seder and Symbolic Foods
The Sephardi communities have a seder for Rosh Hashana with symbolic foods and blessings which it is traditional to eat at this time of year. We have a version of the seder to enjoy and add some special blessings to our Rosh Hashana celebrations. (link to seder)




Kale Salad with apples & almonds


Moroccan Carrot Salad


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