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Other Services

Shabbat Embrace

Our Shabbat Embrace service weaves together the music and essence of the Shabbat morning service with poetry, meditation and story.

A beautiful way to be embraced by the spirit of Shabbat.

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Renewal Service

A service focused on the intention and meaning of the prayers of the Shabbat service.

It encourages participants to use a variety of different creative ways to connect with the worship experience from meditation and chanting, to discussion and movement.

Musical instruments enhance the prayer experience and active participation is welcomed. See the calendar for dates.

other services

Kol Nefesh

A monthly meaningful, intentional and musical Kabbalat Shabbat service.

The Circle

This monthly service begins with the study of Hassidic and other mystical texts then discusses how they can be applied in daily life.

This is followed by a collaborative musical gathering based on the Shabbat morning service incorporating melodies, poems and dance to enhance our Shabbat.

There is then an exploration of the intersection of Jewish and other sacred spiritual techniques to enrich our connection to the divine and to one another. Joining Rabbi Cantor George Mordecai is a talented group of musicians, storytellers and others.

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Lifecycles Coordinator / Executive Assistant / Hon. Secretary of the Board

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