Children's Services

We engage children in the spirit of Shabbat through song, dance, and story in regular services for Shabbat and Festivals. Our talented and joyous youth leaders delight and inspire children and parents to join in meaningful prayer inspiring a love of Judaism.


Children's service

Shabbat Tot

1st Friday of each month • 4:30pm–5:30pm • Children aged 2–5 

We are committed to providing a way for even our youngest members to be part of the Shabbat experience.

Join Rabbi Ninio for a short and very noisy prayer service tailored for young children. A story, craft activity and Kiddush follow the service. A beautiful way to introduce our youngest members to the joy of Shabbat.

Parents and grandparents welcome.


Family-friendly, child focused services and activities connected with all the major Jewish festivals including Purim, Pesach, Succot & Rosh Hashanah. A fun opportunity to connect with other families and celebrate the cycle of the Jewish year with prayer, song, craft and storytelling. 

Check our calendar in the lead up to festivals for further details.

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Established in 1938, Emanuel Synagogue is a pluralist community affiliated with the Masorti, Progressive and Renewal movements. We offer a variety of services, programs and activities. We welcome you to join us.

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