It is traditional to eat dairy foods and there is always an abundance of cheesecake and other delicious treats!

Dates & Events

At Shavuot we remember receiving the Torah at Mount Sinai. We decorate the synagogue with flowers, just as Mt. Sinai appeared and we study all night at our Tikkun Le’il Shavuot, so we are prepared to receive Torah first thing in the morning.

We also read the story of Ruth, the first person to take Judaism into her heart, and we honour her as well as her acts of kindness and compassion. On the second day of Shavuot there is a Yizkor service where we remember those who have died.

Whats Happening & When

Our celebrations begin on Thursday evening May 25th with the evening service which includes the induction of the new Synagogue Board.

We will gather for an evening of study and great food: sustenance for the mind, body and spirit. This year the theme of our learning will be “Freedom” and we will tackle issues such as AI, IVF, Speech, Climate and consider how much freedom should we have? Just because we have the technology or the science to do something, should we?

Engaging speakers and experts in their fields, bringing the Jewish perspective, and lots of opportunities for questions and discussion. Throughout the evening we will provide delicious dairy delicacies for everyone to enjoy.

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