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Shabbat Live Sermon – Rabbi Ninio, Friday 13 October 2023

This week, our Torah reading describes the creation of the world; it says that there was “tohu vavohu,” chaos, a void, unformed, primordial nothingness, described by Rabbi Oren Hayon as: “murky shadows and jagged edges, all colour muddled into an unseen, violent blur[1]” and from this raging darkness and swirling chaos, God spoke and created […]

Shabbat Vayera 2023 Sermon | Rabbi Ninio, Friday 3 November 2023

  This week, we read one of the most well-known and poignant parts of the Torah and includes the destruction of the cities of Sodom and Gemarra, the birth of Ishmael and Isaac, the banishment of Hagar and her son, the promise that both Abraham’s children will father great nations, and the near sacrifice of […]