Israel, Jews & The Middle East through Film

Film series

Please click on a film title below for more information and to book. All sessions start at 7:00pm at Emanuel Synagogue.

13 March -  Yossi & Jagger (2003)

Emanuel G2P Application

Introducing Emanuel G2P

Emanuel G2P is a year-long journey for Grandparents with their pre-teen Grandchildren.

What is your role in your grandchild’s life? 

Do you want to take on a more active part in paving your grandchild's Jewish journey?

Today's grandparents tend to be healthier and more active. Therefore, they are increasingly involved in their grandchildren’s lives compared to previous generations.

Israel, Jews & the Middle East Through Film

Plus61J together with Emanuel Synagogue present

Israel, Jews & the Middle East through Film

Join us each month for a fascinating festival of film followed by engaging discussion.

To book individual films, click their name below.

Films will be presented by Dr Shahar Burla

Please support the 2018 UIA Progressive Appeal

The United Israel Appeal continues to do wonderful work for Israel. However the State of Israel treats Jews as either Orthodox or secular, and many Jews do not fit into these neat categories. This is where the Israeli Progressive Movement fills a very important need.

Our Jewish Story: Our Land, Our People

Rabbi Jeffrey Kamins explores the issues facing contemporary Israel.

The class on 7 August will be held at Emanuel Gardens, 118 Wallis St, Woollahra.

Our Jewish Story: Our Land, Our People

Guest presenter: Aletia Dundas

Aletia Dundas is a Quaker who is passionate about justice and peace. Her Masters degree was in Peace and Conflict studies. She recently spent 3 months with the World Council of Churches' Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel (EAPPI). 

Ecumenical Accompaniers (EAs) are an international civilian group who join Palestinians and Israelis working in nonviolent ways for peace. Aletia will share some of what she witnessed during this time. 

Our Jewish Story - Our Land Our People

Guest speaker: 

Nahed Odeh is a lawyer from East Jerusalem/Palestine, she is completing her PhD in Constitutional Law at UNSW. She is proposing a constitutional design for contemporary Palestine. The title of her thesis is ‘Constitutional Design Options for State Formation in Palestine’

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