Virtual Yom Kippur Children’s Service

Join Rabbi Cantor Mordecai and Rabbis Ninio and Kaiserblueth as they journey through the Yom Kippur service. They will introduce the themes of forgiveness and new beginnings as they sing the familiar songs and prayers of this season. Stories help to guide understanding of the complex ideas of this time and invite all to participate in this special and sacred festival. They unroll and read the Torah and there is a chance for you to see it up close as well as hear the story of Jonah. It’s a beautiful opportunity for families to connect with Yom Kippur together and have moments for discussion, prayer and song.

Rosh Hashanah Children’s Service

Gather your musical instruments and join Rabbis Kaiserblueth and Ninio, Cantor Mordecai and Aliza Waxman as they sing, dance and tell stories to help children connect with the ideas, themes and music of Rosh Hashanah.  You will have the chance to see the Torah up close as they unroll it and read the special Rosh Hashanah portion and blow the shofar, celebrating the new year.

A Story for the Days of Awe –

Donna Jacobs Sife

A Story for Rosh Hashanah –

Donna Jacobs-Sife

Yom Kippur Prayer –

Donna Jacobs-Sife


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Shabbat Times

Parashat Vaera
Shabbat, January 16, 2021
3rd of Sh'vat, 5781

Candle Lighting
Friday, January 15 2021  7:51PM

Motzei Shabbat 8:26PM

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