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Virtual HHD Progressive Service

Join us for the beautiful music, poetry and prayer of our Progressive High Holy Day services. Weaving Hebrew prayers with beautiful English readings, our services provide an opportunity to connect with the spirit and awe of this time in our calendar. Our musicians elevate us with instruments and voice, bringing the inspiring music of this season and helping lift our prayers and our souls. We would be honoured for you to invite us into your home these High Holy Days as we unite across space and celebrate these sacred moments together.

Virtual Yom Kippur Services

Sunday, September 27th – Yom Kippur
Kol Nidre 5:45pm

Monday, September 28th – Yom Kippur
From 10:00am

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Yom Kippur – Video Library

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Sunday, September 27th – Yom Kippur

A beautiful, contemplative service which will help us make the transition into the holiness and sanctity of Yom Kippur. We will leave the world behind and move into this sacred time, hear the haunting melody of Kol Nidrei and begin our process of reflection and repentance.

Monday, September 28th – Yom Kippur

During this service we connect deeply with the themes of this sacred day. We will join with the ancient melodies and prayers which call on us to examine our lives and consider our dreams and hopes for the year ahead. This service will include one minutes silence at 12 noon when we will stop and remember, along with all the synagogues in Sydney, those we have lost from our lives.

Monday, September 28th – Yom Kippur

The afternoon service begins with the Torah reading and the story of Jonah, a tale which has captured the imagination of the generations. Following the prayers of forgiveness, we go on a journey through Jewish history using mostly English readings, from the creation, through to the redemption from Egypt, the days of the Temple and martyrs of our people, the Holocaust and tragedies, concluding with the return to the land of Israel and our Jewish world today.

Monday, September 28th – Yom Kippur

An opportunity to get up close and personal with our clergy. They will answer questions which have been submitted by our community during the past week and share a their insights about what’s on their minds and yours. Click here to submit a question to the clergy.

Monday, September 28th – Yom Kippur

The beautiful choral service whose music lifts us and creates a space for us to remember those we love who have gone from life. We feel their treasured presence as we pray the ancient words expressing our loss and thankfulness for the blessing of their lives. We will read the names of the people in our congregation who have died in the past year, since last Yom Kippur.

Monday, September 28th – Yom Kippur

The concluding prayers of the Yom Kippur day are filled with hope, our final pleas and joy as we move back towards the world feeling spiritually cleansed and refreshed. The slate has been wiped clean and we begin again. The sun is setting, the day is ending and we rejoice as we step through the closing gates to the final sounding of the shofar.

Rosh Hashana Video Library

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