Emanuel Synagogue

A Virtual Synagogue

30 March 2020

We are living through unprecedented times, as COVID-19 requires more and more physical distancing and for us to stay at home.  Each of us has a crucial role to play to diminish the risk of the virus to our families, community and society.  Knowing this, we are transitioning to be a virtual community at this time.

It has been wonderful to connect with you through our daily services, our Candle Lighting, Shabbat Live Unplugged, Shabbat Embrace and Havdallah services and all our classes too.  We want to stay in touch with you as much as possible.  Accordingly, we are  developing and adding more programming and activities than ever before.  You may not be able to come to Emanuel Synagogue, but we are coming to you through the miracles of modern technology.  Links to all these activities are on our website and will be sent to you by email as well.

Over the weeks ahead, we will continue to call you to make sure you are as well as can be, that you know how to access all our virtual programmes and to find out how we can continue to be of support.  For those of you who have financial difficulties, we remind you that in our inclusive community we will help carry you through this time.  For those of you who still have the blessing of financial means we encourage you to pay your membership dues at this time and help us continue our vital work.  We are grateful for each of you who has offered assistance and skills to help our community.

In this time of physical isolation, we realise more than ever the importance of  spiritual, emotional and intellectual connection, and the sanctity of community that our synagogue provides.  We wish each of you health, peace and strength as we walk through this challenging time together.

Jeffrey B. Kamins
Senior Rabbi

Suzanna Helia

Alex Lehrer