Emanuel Synagogue relies on the support of our volunteers to assist in various projects. We are so fortunate to have dedicated members who give their time and heartfelt support to our many projects.

Following are some of the opportunities for volunteers in our community.

Friday night and Saturday morning wine and table preparation:
- Wine to be poured prior to service for both kiddushim - neuweg and foyer 
- Clearing of kiddush table - cups, bread etc after both kiddushim - neuweg and foyer
- Volunteers will be provided/shown where all supplies are and how to set up and break down a kiddush
Shul kiddushim on Saturday mornings:
- Setting up for shul Kiddush (not sponsored kiddushim)
- Putting out food + laying table
- Clearing up after kiddush
- To start everything will be provided i.e.: food, and volunteers will be shown procedure 
Kiddush preparation
 - Prepare food for non-sponsored kiddushim - includes cutting up  fruit, veggies and plating other food for kiddush 
- This is usually done on a Friday.
Challah Baking on Fridays
-       Prepared dough delivered every Friday morning - volunteers required between 10:00 and 1:00 to braid and bake challot
High Holy Days 
- Greeting members, handing out siddurim for Masorti and Progressive service
Lunch and Learn – every second Saturday after services
- Assisting to prepare and set up food for Lunch and Learn.  Lunch and Learn takes place every second Saturday of the month after services.

Shabbat Project 
- Details to be confirmed for 2019

Mitzvah Day 
- Details to be confirmed for 2019

If you would like to get involved please email Reverend Sam Zwarenstein samz@emanuel.org.au or call the office on 9389 6444. Your support will be greatly appreciated by the congregation and wider community. 


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Join Our Community

Established in 1938, Emanuel Synagogue is a pluralist community affiliated with the Masorti, Progressive and Renewal movements. We offer a variety of services, programs and activities. We welcome you to join us.

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